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Feng Shui means "wind" and "water". The ancient Chinese Masters of Feng Shui offer conflicting advice on the mystical aspects of the art, however, they all provide that good energy flows, or "Chi" is of utmost importance to health and prosperity. The home is an extension of oneself; If energy flows become blocked through clutter, unaligned furniture and accessories, you may feel apprehensive and scattered.

Similarly, if stale energy builds up in corners and other areas in your home, you may feel restless and lethargic at the same time. The art of Feng Shui is creating alignment with nature through balance (yin and yang) and harmony (using the five elements of nature:  water, wood, soil, metal and fire). Have you ever seen a living environment that looked spectacular and felt peaceful at the same time? The interior designer incorporated the yin and yang (male/hardness and female/softness) to achieve balance. The 5 elements of nature are represented in the living space through color, furnishings, artwork, lighting and accessories. Earth tones, greens and blues are typically used to achieve a balanced living space along with red and metal accents. Emulating hills and valleys, vignettes are created that provide interesting scales of balance. Furniture placement should be conducive to creating pathways that allow energy to circulate throughout the home. Artwork should invoke pleasant memories, enchanting dreams and general good feelings. The Feng Shui masters believe that beds should never be placed with the feet aligned with the door, as this is called the "death" position and allows too much energy to rush at the sleeping person.  Rounded corners are aligned with nature while sharp angles should be avoided. IT makes sense that our living environment impacts our sense of well-being, which impacts our health and our prosperity.

FIRE: reds, triangular shapes, candles, Autumn

WATER: blues, flowing shapes, water, Summer

METAL: white, circles, metalics, Winter

TREE: green, rectangular shapes, plants or wood, Spring

EARTH: Golden brown, square, soil, Autumn



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